"You picked them yourself?" Lollo's reaction was unusual. A normal woman's attention would be on the two words "my woman"!

However, she asked, "Didn't you say that you asked Gerry to take some randomly from the shop?"

"Well... Just wear the clothes I give you. Don't ask so many questions."

He turned around and walked out.

However, Lollo closed the door and mumbled, "What? He said he picked them himself, but in fact, he just asked others to choose them randomly. He just wanted to fool me. I won't be fooled."

She put the clothes back into the wardrobe, but her fingers swept over a silk nightgown!

The light yellow pajama felt smooth. It was gentle but somewhat cute. This high-end Pajama seemed to be tailor-made for her.

Was he reminding her that she should take a shower?

Lollo smelt herself, 'I've been running for a whole day. I smell so bad.'.

She picked up her pajama and started to find underwear.

He must have bought this kind of thing...

She searched in the room for a long time but still couldn't find it. He didn't buy it? No way!

But she couldn't walk up to him and ask him where he had put her underwear.

When Lollo opened the bathroom door, she found that they were neatly placed inside.

She took out one randomly and raised it to look at it for a long time.

Lace... Leopard prints...

What are these!

"What a rogue!"

Lollo kicked the wall and immediately took her foot back in pain. "Ouch -- my foot!"

She screamed and immediately covered her mouth, but there was no response after a few seconds.

and beautiful (ear-splitting) songs came from outside

was taking a

couldn't imagine what they

She couldn't imagine.

there was nothing else except this kind of clothes. Forget it, she would just wear this.

the underwear and walked into the bathroom.

This bathroom

such a rich family. How could poor people like

hair, she

up the shampoo. What brand was

out a little?

Is it used

squeeze out the whole

the ground, she immediately became anxious. What should

she slipped and fell directly to the


as she fell to the ground.

scream, he immediately broke in. But he ran too fast that he stepped on the shampoo and slipped forward a

the end, he

fell on Lollo, and his

soon as possible, but the whole floor was covered with shampoo, and it was difficult for him to support his

the bath towel covering the lower part of


Shouted Lollo.

really couldn't accept that her first kiss was taken away in an instant and then she saw a man

again kicked to the ground. But the moment he fell

her over.

and their lips were perfectly pressed

his grip, but he didn't

up her clothes, "Harrison, you are such a


happened so fast that he didn't even have time to react. He wiped his nose and found

What happened?

by a college student?

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