Lollo stretched out the other hand and said, "Then you can hold this one too."

She could make money by holding hands. How wonderful!

Harrison was really pissed off by this. As expected, she only cared about money.

Surely, they went home hand in hand.

They didn't return to JH villa, but to another house of Harrison, which was a house in a high-end neighborhood in the downtown.

Although it was not as magnificent as the JH villa, it was definitely the best place Lollo had been to in her life.

"CQ community!"

The name of this community, CQ community, seemed to be a person's name.

The villa in the community was in European style. It was said that there were only twenty families in this community, all famous and influential ones in H city.

In the past, Lollo wanted to sneak in to take photos, but she was driven out several times.

Her father always took her sister with him wherever he went, but he never took her with him. So she thought the best building was the information building in the school.

Sure enough, when she was with Harrison, she even lived in high-end houses.

"Miss, I'm sorry. You are not a member of our community. Please don't try to sneak in."

Raising her head, Lollo looked at the guard who had caught her several times awkwardly and took a deep breath.

"No, it's not like that. I came here with my friend today." She immediately pulled Harrison out and asked him to speak for her.

However, Harrison tittered, showing no intention to speak for her at all.

The security guard took a look at Harrison and then at Lollo, "Miss, I know that you are a reporter from CCC TV station. You have come here many times.

by your side is Harrison. How could he know

been so cruel to others.

was too

person did he think she was? Although Harrison was richer

Harrison immediately said, "This is

speak out, there would be a quarrel.

he had just said, his lips were trembling and did not

took Lollo's hand and left this

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course. I've been bullied for so long, and finally I can be raise my head. I'm happy

on Harrison's chest and said,

She just

a few steps and asked, "Harrison,

"That one!"

moving villa with a sunny exposure, Lollo ran towards

was on her mind. It seemed that she could only be in one emotion

'It's so good to be young!

than enough for two people to live in. The only thing bad was that there was no servant here, and

JH villa? Don't you feel better to be waited

he said, "If we live there, you won't have a chance to present yourself, will you? So I

Disdainful eyes...

want to take care of you.

here was to catch the attention of those reporters. Although it

get in there, so these reporters didn't dare to go there even if they disguised themselves. But it

were many reporters here, and thus many topics for entertainment. In this way, he could not only project his image, but also secretly complete what he wanted to do, with no one

choose any room here, except the

Lollo pretended not


when she opened the closet, she cried out in

full of women's

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