Young Mater, Please Confirm The She-package

Chapter 9 Five Thousand For Holding Hand One Time

Sure enough, she thought too much.

"Then why are we going there?" There was no need to go so far just for a meal.

"Strike while the iron is hot. My company has a new product to be launched, so it naturally needs more publicity. There are so many paparazzi there. If I go there in person, I will surely be on the headline of the entertainment news in H city for several days.

In this way, the exposure of my new products will also be increased.

At the same time, a large sum of endorsement fee can also be saved."

He kept talking, but he didn't know that Lollo despised him in her heart!

A profiteer! A profiteer! He was indeed a profiteer!

The Jing Group was such a big company. Couldn't they even hire a spokesperson?

"Oh, by the way, later you have to wear the clothes designed by our chief designer. They are the latest products of this season."

She even had the latest clothes to wear.

It was not bad. She could not only have a luxurious meal, but also have the latest clothes to wear.

Did she hit the jackpot?

"Thank you."

"You're welcome. Anyway, that dress is designed for the girl with flat chest. If you wear it, it will definitely have an impact."

"Har-! "ri-!"! son!" It's OK if you laugh at me once or twice, but you keep doing that. Enough is enough.

In the Lemon restaurant.

It was a five star restaurant with first-class service and environment.

The magnificent design and warm atmosphere made Lollo feel like a princess walking into a castle.

Although she had come to this place many times, she only took photos outside the restaurant. It was the first time she had entered the restaurant.

When the people around saw Harrison walk in, they all took out their mobile phones to take photos. People like Harrison was always the center of the attention wherever he went.

rich man or handsome ones, it was

was like an invisible person, which

said to him, "Harrison, do you want me here

the thought of being ignored like this, she felt depressed. Although she was not the most beautiful girl in the school, wherever she went, she was

an invisible person, so she was

of the crowd, he

could be the cover of tomorrow's front page. So you have to

smiled happily, but Lollo wished to disappear and never

what I asked you to do? And you just drag me here to

his eyebrows, Harrison asked, "Are you talking about Allen? Don't worry.

"It had better be."

in a daze and didn't want to talk to him for

nothing else to do except


Group was a company specialized in fashion design, but he was not fashionable

thought that she was crazy to believe his words and be deceived by him to be here as

was just an excuse. He just wanted to

of his ugly face and post it


Ahem! Ahem——


them notice the

to be charming and said, "Didn't you say that you came here to have dinner with me? Why don't you order

at Harrison, who almost vomited at her words, but he controlled himself before so many

his hand and tucked Lollo's hair behind her ear. "How can I not order your favorite dish?

in an equally

angry and jealous when they saw how

choice but to leave!

"Harrison, who allows you

were all complicated. It was true that they could

so sweet a second ago, but now she is

I just played along with her. Besides, I am handsome, it was hard to tell who had been taken advantages

you for calling me darling and

the villains

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