As he slowly walked by Lollo, his eyes were burning like fire. "Mr. Paul, I have nothing to do with your family's affairs, but please don't hurt my woman. I believe you have seen clearly the news. Lollo has nothing to do with the Shen Family from now on!"

He saw the tears in her eyes, which came out when Paul said he should have strangled her to death after she was born.

She was grateful to him when she saw he take the whip for her and heard what he had said.

Harrison stood up unsteadily, while Paul was extremely scared. The whip fell on Harrison just now!

At this time, his eyes were bloodshot, "Lollo, go to your room and pack up important things. Throw away all the other things. I don't think you have anything special in this house that you want to take away!"

Hearing that, Lollo went to her room and only took out her mother's belongings!

Then she left the Shen Family with Harrison!

This time, she would leave forever.

As soon as he walked out of the house, he leaned against the trunk of the car.

"Lollo, why is your father so cruel? Is this how he usually treats you?"

Seeing that he was complaining, Lollo nodded and said, "I'm sorry that you took the whip. In fact, you don't have to. If it were me, I could bear it."

She poked the wound on his body and he screamed loudly. Lollo immediately withdrew her hand and said, "I am not a delicate young man like you!"

"Lollo, you are so heartless. I took a whip for you, but you still treat me like this!"

Hearing that, Lollo suddenly sobbed, "Thank you!" Tears fell inadvertently from the corner of her eyes, which made people feel sorry for her.

The last thing Harrison wanted to see was a girl crying, although the woman in front of him had no femaleness.

But anyway, she had suffered a lot.

He had no choice but to hold Lollo in his arms, "It's okay. It's okay because you are my woman!"

His woman?

Lollo was crying, but when she heard this, she immediately pushed him away. "I am your woman? You wish!"

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