It was a heavy blow to Lollo.

Her figure was not that bad! But she didn't want to argue with him, the pervert!

She was liked although she didn't have a good figure. Anyway, Allen would always be there for her.

Allen! 'Allen Yan! !

In the past two days, she had been fooled around by Harrison. She even forgot Allen.

The news of their marriage was spread all over the city, and Allen must have known it. What should she do? How could she forget such an important thing?

All of a sudden, Lollo held Harrison's arm tightly and widened her twinkling eyes. "Mr. Harrison, I have another favor to ask!"

"What is it?"

Then Lollo whispered in his ear and told him what she wanted to say.

Harrison shook off her hand, "Lollo, are you crazy? You want me to explain our relationship to your boyfriend! I'm a man. I have dignity!"

All of a sudden, Lollo stretched out her hands and said, "All right. The reporters haven't gone far yet. If I tell them that we are just using each other, guess what they will write in the tomorrow's news?"

"Lollo, you should know that I am never afraid of anyone's threat." Said Harrison coldly.

Lollo shivered but he changed the subject, "but I won't mind agreeing to girl's request."

"……" Sure enough, he was erotic. "Harrison, please help me. Please explain it to Allen for me, or he will misunderstand me." But it was difficult for ordinary men to accept such a thing even with a proper explanation.

It was all her fault. She was so stupid that she fell into the trap set by Harrison.

But if she acted cute and pretended to be pitiful, he would probably agree to explain it to Allen.

smiled. "Lollo, do you call yourself a

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the roadside, hailed a taxi and left.

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but when she was about to arrive at the school, she began to feel worried again. How should she

would not allow his girlfriend to marry another man, even if

a jealous man. Harrison really gave her a hard time.

In the past, she would always go to the canteen with Allen at this time. If she was not there, Allen would definitely skip

but she didn't see him, so she went to the

was having lunch. Seeing her enter the dormitory, she

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find Allen. I'll

ran towards the library.


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