Young Mater, Please Confirm The She-package

Chapter 5 Announce The Marriage

In order not to be refused, Lollo subconsciously put down her hand. Forget it, she'd better stay here. If she made him unhappy, she would end up miserable.

"Okay, you can go with me!"

As soon as he tidied up his suit collar, Lollo stood up from the ground immediately. Did she hear it wrong? He would take her to such an important press conference!

But since he had agreed to take her there, then don't blame her.

In the press conference, she would definitely explain the whole story clearly and let everyone do justice to her.

Justice naturally inhabits a man's heart. It didn't matter how rich and powerful Harrison was. She could get rid of him as long as she described what had happened to the reporters.

Perhaps the police would talk to him in person about the crime of "forcibly marrying a girl"!? ? ? ? It was not until they arrived at the destination that Lollo truly understood the usage of the word "whimsical".

"Aren't we going to a press conference? Why are there more entrepreneurs in H city than reporters?"

She had participated in press conferences before, which was very serious but this place seemed to be cheerful.

There seemed to be some reporters...

"Isn't it a press conference?" She looked at him in confusion.

Looking around, Harrison asked innocently, "A press conference? What press conference?"

"Didn't you say that we are going to a press conference?"

Pointing at him, Lollo felt that she was cheated.

"I don't know. I don't remember... "

After saying that, he left.

Standing still, Lollo looked blankly at the crowd coming and going, and then looked at the stage that Harrison was walking towards -- the new product launch event!

She was so stupid that she believed what he said. The things he said about the press conference were lies.

But it was better to have people here.

the stage to tell them her tragic experience, even if there were no reporters to take pictures of her, they would still

some of them would surely take


taken photos of him, but it was illegal for Harrison to force her to

get a large amount of mental damage compensation

are you thinking

behind. Lollo turned around and found that it was

he in front just now? Why was he behind

she couldn't let him know what she was thinking, or

"Well... Nothing. "

It seemed

look, Harrison put his hands on her shoulders and


of a sudden, Lollo turned around and jumped

her dad here? It seemed that Olivia and Marian were

afraid of often happens most frequently. Why were they

Harrison. It must be

body away from him and asked, "What do you want? Do you think I'm not

introduce you to everyone later. You know what to

relationship in front of

knew this, she would be beaten to death by the Shen Family.

head hard. No, no, it can't happen for the

Instead, he raised his eyebrows and asked, "Lollo, have you always suspected the

clear about what he said, but how


way to save the situation, actually

word. If you're generous enough to admit our relationship in front of everyone, I'll help you find

a great temptation!

that she would have no relationship

not expel her from the Shen Family, she would not let her have a good time in the Shen

"I promise you!"

undone, even if she didn't agree to his terms, their relationship had already been exposed to the public. Of course, Olivia wouldn't listen to her

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