The JH villa was not an architectural complex arranged in a row, but was only a single castle-like building. Beside the main villa, there were many buildings that set off it.

Though exquisite, these buildings were not as outstanding as the main villa.

Lollo knew very well that Harrison lived here. The place where the reporters had blocked was his another villa. But here, let alone the reporters, even the mayor of H city dared not to come here directly without making an appointment.

Every step she took now was like a step on needles. This incredible villa in front of her was like a door to hell!

Lollo followed him into the room timidly.

"Miss Lollo, please wait a moment. Mr. Harrison is upstairs and will come downstairs soon."

"Okay." Lollo sat down timidly.

At the same time, she looked around the whole room. The decoration of the room was noble and elegant, giving people a sense of nobility.

In fact, the nobility was just one of its characteristics, the expensiveness was the main feature.

Every furnishing in this room was expensive, and any of them could cover her living expenses for a year.

Alas, it's so good to have money. Living here is just a pleasure.

Lollo sighed. She saw that Harrison walked down from the second floor with a man.

The man was also very handsome. If Harrison was evilly attractive, then the man could be described as elegant.

Elegant? Why elegant?

Because he was so beautiful, just like an elaborately carved piece of art.

"Harrison, is this your mistress?" The man looked at Lollo downstairs and asked with a smile.

Harrison replied smiling, "Look at her. Does she look like a woman?"

"Well..." Then he looked at Lollo up and down, but said nothing.

Harrison, did you invite

said something to him. Harrison walked down the stairs slowly.

you to come here because I want

spoke, he walked

playboy, when his pretty face approached hers, Lollo's

and the distance between the two was

took a step back subconsciously, but accidentally, she lost

time, Harrison sat on the sofa,

stood up dejectedly and patted her painful butt, "What do you mean by letting me get familiar

here would she need to

Harrison want her

you think, you will live here

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married and do you want others to doubt

timidly and said,

around her waist. "The news about our marriage is spread all over the world, and our marriage certificate is also viral online. What are we if we are not husband

and Lollo suddenly pushed him

he was! He knew

up her bag and was about to leave this place, "We are not a couple. I know the

that her voice trembled.

marriage certificate is true. You are married

Lollo suddenly stopped!

been to a Civil Affairs Bureau. How could I have married

was sleepwalking?

it was

from his arms, threw one to Lollo and put the other on

coffee and said, "It's OK if you don't believe me. I won't stop you from going to the police station to check your marriage status!" He was so proudly frightening that a cold smile appeared in his joking eyes.


a real marriage

he make a decision on such a thing alone? "Harrison,

for the secret photos

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