You're The Best Medicine For Me

Chapter 70: Shirley Agreed to Move Into Moores’ Manor

Her hands were on his shoulders and she was wriggling her hips, but a man and a woman’s strength differ greatly. If she moved a little, he would hug her even more tightly, she couldn’t fight him at all.

His kiss was both anxious and messy, from the tip of her nose to her lips, then aggressively turning around and sucking in, there were seemingly no rules at all.

Shirley’s mind was blank from his kiss, his smell hung in the air, she even started to feel like she liked his smell.

After struggling to no avail, Shirley gave up.

Her hands held his shirt on his shoulder, and she tried to reciprocate his kiss.

As if receiving some encouragement, Bryan kissed her even more strongly.

Suddenly he retreated a step, and turned her around. His hands on the hairpin on her head, he removed it from her hair.

A head of wavy long hair fell down to her face.

Both of them fell onto the bed behind them, he turned over and ran his fingers through her hair, extremely gentle in response to her.

A rush of heat awakened from the deepest parts of their bodies.

Shirley opened her eyes slightly, looking at the man on top of her, the image of that night surfacing.

That feeling spread from her toes to her head. At that moment, she felt a cold breeze on her shoulders. Shirley opened her eyes wide and pushed her hands against his shoulders, shouting, “Bryan.”

Bryan paused in his actions, letting go of her lips, he raised his head.

The white blouse that Shirley was wearing had three buttons unfastened by him, the view underneath her clothes was somewhat visible.

She quickly pulled in her clothes, and gave him a few pushes, “Quick get up.”

Propping himself up, he got up quickly.

from her, Shirley also sat up, buttoning up her blouse with

heavily. After a moment, he said, “Paisley, you


Lowering her head to look at her buttons, she saw traces

really treated what

on the bed. If she and the children really moved in, she would see this man very frequently. If he was like this to her every

had to set some terms with him, if not, she wouldn’t dare to move into

didn’t believe that she couldn’t find another villa

out her phone and speedily typed a whole page of words. After she finished,

in his pocket, another hand was holding a cigarette, smoke puffing from his mouth. His head was lowered looking at an unknown object,

emotions were running high. She didn’t hate him, but she was far from wanting to get together with him

walked quickly

and flicked it into the bin next to him,

Moore, I need to talk

brows furrowed, he felt that Shirley wouldn’t have something nice to discuss with him. He refused, “Let’s go back for

around to

preventing him from avoiding the topic. She took out her phone and showed him what she had typed just now, “Look at this properly, if you can do this, then I

the phone from her, his eyes sweeping over the words

One: Mr. Bryan cannot without Miss Shirley’s permission step into the

inappropriate occasions touch Miss Shirley’s body, or hug her waist, or kiss her. No

permission meet the children privately, or bring

Four: Mr. Bryan has to pass over all the access keys to the

Number Five: …

more Bryan’s face changed. In the final conditions, he couldn’t even

the two children come to find me?” These conditions had put a stop to all his

her to move in

felt that these two children belong to him, the more he wanted

just protecting the interests of my children, I don’t like my children playing

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