You're The Best Medicine For Me

Chapter 67: Bryan Wore an Ugly Apron

She picked up her phone with a “hello”, on the other line came Madame Moore’s voice, she immediately said, “Madame, can I help you with anything?”

Madame Moore replied in a friendly tone, “Nothing much, I was just feeling bored and wondered whether Dr. Thomas is free tonight to come over for dinner.”

Shirley was slightly stunned. Frowning, she unconsciously thought about Bryan.

This cunning Bryan, he knew she would give Madame Moore some respect, so he got Madame to invite her over to Splendour Manor, what a sly man.

She looked at the time, it was almost 4 p.m., Mildred was here, so she didn’t have to worry that no one would be looking after the kids. She replied, “Alright Madame, I’ll head over in a while.”

After hanging up, Madame Moore turned over to look at her grandson. Her smile disappeared when her eyes met Bryan’s, “Have you been bullying her?”

“I didn’t.” Bryan stood in front of Madame Moore, his hands in his pockets, his head hung, a look of guilt.

After a while, he raised his head and asked, “What did she say?”

“She will come over later, but you have to cook tonight, to show your sincerity.” Madame Moore’s face was stern, a look of disapproval at Bryan.

He was always worrying her.

“I will get your Aunt Jasmine to help you, look at you, you’re already an adult but you still need people to help you with chasing a partner. You wasted our efforts in giving you a good-looking face.” Madame Moore stood up, took her walking stick and walked by him.

Madame Moore gave him a side glance. When Bryan got on her nerves, she even felt that his assistant was annoying. She took a look at him and left.

Jordan hastily walked over to Bryan’s side.

Bryan turned to look at Madame Moore’s back, and asked, “How is progress with that matter?”

“The Rogers family’s estate in City L has more than thirty over blocks that are not compliant with guidelines. What’s more, two thirds of these units have already been sold, the housing board has required them to remove them. This time the Rogers family’s estate business will surely be hit.” Jordan reported.

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