It was a sunny day, Arabella and Adam were very excited to celebrate for the first time Jaime’s birthday. Arabella had prepared a simple birthday celebration for her mom. She called Damien and Lira to celebrate with them. Farrah was to no avail as she was still enjoying her married life far away from the city. The last time she updated her, she was on a very beautiful isolated island with her husband, Gab.

Arabella just invited the few and never had any intention to mention it to the Sky. They never had to know about it. Kelly who happened to be her mom’s best friend before turned to be a very vengeful person because of the death of her husband. All she wanted was to get rid of Arabella’s entire family from their lives, but Adam came in. Kelly hated them and the Aunt Kelly she had known before, the best friend of her mom, had completely gone.

On the other hand, Bill had no room for the party. After all, he was the cause of all her tragedies in life. For Arabella, meeting Bill was a mistake. If only she could go back to the past, she would not kiss him. She would try all her best to avoid him in the past. She would rather give her virginity to other men but not him. This part of her was a little off as her body and mind disagreed. That night, she was very satisfied that she felt him inside her for a week. She was addicted to his every touch, his scent, his warmth, and kiss. Bill was very outstanding in bed as he could make the innocents go wild and crazy. He was a hungry beast but full of passion for his every move. He was rough and wild, but his touches and kisses were very sweet that every girl would feel special. That night, she felt owning him. She felt like, he submitted his whole being to her included his soul. No wonder, women went gaga over him but when she thought of her tragic moments in his hand, every sweet pleasurable moment with him faded. If she didn’t kiss him that night, they would not probably know each other today. They would be like strangers when they saw each other everywhere.

They would not have to quarrel and annoy each other every day.

She would be living freely and carefree.

She might experience the so-called sweet love story of her life with another man.

Her real soulmate perhaps.

What unfortunate could bring?

She was with the man whom every girl wanted to be with, but all she wanted was only to escape from him. No matter what, she was enough of his vicious tricks and would never fall again into it.

“I’m glad that you came.” Arabella was very grateful to see Damien in the hospital. She felt like she had not seen him for decades already.

“Hmmm…” Damien just muttered with a smirk. She could tell he was not in a good mood today but trying to suppress himself just to blend in the party’s atmosphere.

“Are you, okay?” Arabella was a bit worried. After all, Damien was one of her best buddies. She would never forget how he helped her when she was suffering abroad. He was the only one who stood up for her. Without him, surviving was to no avail.

“I’m… I’m fine.” He whispered didn’t want to further go on with the topic.

Arabella felt a bit odd in her heart. Damien’s matter was always her concern ever since as she knew he was just in Capital Z because of her. A wave of guilt appeared in her heart. She was preoccupied with her matter with Bill and Adam, and her exhaustion was already up to heaven down to earth then back and forth. How could she forget Damien? He had no family in Capital Z. She just hoped Lira treated him well.

“Ms. J,” Lira suddenly came in with a bouquet in her hand. She quickly hugged Arabella with a very bright smile on her face not until when Lira’s eyes saw Damien. Lira had felt discomfort yet happy to see him again. Their relationship had no label. They hang up whenever Damien wanted to. Sometimes, he just appeared in her apartment without any notice. Sometimes, she would not see him for a week or two. Most of the time, she came to pick him up in a bar. He was always drunk after Arabella had left her apartment and decided to live with Bill. Lira knew Damien was very heartbroken and it was clear to her that Damien saw her as his past time just to forget Arabella. He was using her, and Lira was sure of that but she could not ask for more. Undeniably, she had loved him, and she allowed him to use her. No matter what, she was happy to be with him even in a shorter no definite time. She didn’t dare to ask for more than what they had. She had already accepted whatever relationship they had.

“Hi.” Lira smiled awkwardly at Damien. Damien just nodded acknowledging her. She felt they were strangers inside the room. Lira felt a sudden twinge in her heart, but she tried her best to put up a sweet smile to everyone.

Arabella saw all her visitors were already inside the room. In her heart, she hoped Farrah was there to celebrate with them. They were all part of her new family and Farrah was always her family ever since.

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