“Ta-dah!” Trishia greeted Kelly with her favorite cake. She purposely visited her in Bill’s house so she could also see Bill. She missed him a lot like she felt dying when she could not see him today.

“Trishia, what a surprise!” Kelly smiled warmly seeing the decadent cake from her favorite baker.

Trishia strode closer to hug and kiss Kelly but she secretly rolled her eyes at her back.

‘Hmmm… witch!’ She was cursing Kelly in her mind. If not for her Bill, she would not pretend to be kind to Kelly.

“Mom, I’m here because I missed you and Bill.” She expressed in her sweetest tone. Trishia could tell that she became a very good actress from time to time. She smiled proudly thinking of her best acting skills.

“Oh, darling. I’m glad you visited me but I’m sorry to tell you that Bill is not here.” Kelly announced preparing to taste the cake.

Trishia’s smile suddenly faded. She went there with a good vibe thinking that she could be with Bill again only to find out that he wasn’t there.


Controlling her anger, Trishia smiled sweetly. She had to act the sweet confident lady in front of Kelly always as she couldn’t afford to offend her. For now, Kelly was the only person she could use.

Kelly is her shield and weapon.

“It’s okay mom. You know I also want to have time with you.” She uttered sweetly but deep inside she was annoyed wasting her time with her.

“Thank you, darling. Then let’s have a bite of the cake.” Kelly offered.

They sat and started to eat the cake. “How’s your wound?” Kelly asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry mom. I’m fine though it’s still aching a little, it’s manageable.” She answered like she was a pity.

“Hmmm… you really are very tough,” Kelly remarked in contentment.

“Well, I can catch a bullet for Bill if I have to.” Trishia proudly uttered. She knew Kelly always liked to hear those words. Kelly always wanted to assure that she loves her son.

“Come on. You don’t need to say that. I already know Trishia. Please do not get tired of loving Bill.” Kelly smiled at her in satisfaction.

“Where is Bill, mom? Is he in the office?” Trishia was longing to ask.

“He is on a business trip with that woman and his son,” Kelly answered with a pissed tone.

Kelly’s words were like sharp-pointed blades slowly pierced into her ears. She felt envious and intense anger.

That woman!

Trishia was already exploding inside but still maintaining her fake smile in front of Kelly. She had to make Arabella disappear from Bill’s life or else she would ruin all her plans. Bill belongs only to her and no one could interfere with them.

“Don’t worry darling, I think they are coming back today. So just stay here until dinner. Will you?” Seeing Trishia’s lost expression, Kelly quickly pacified her.