You Belong To Me

Chapter 549 : Elizabeth's Plan

Jonas Parking,

Debe : I no need car... Take it home (starts walking away)

Vi : Deb... DEB?... Deb stop (grabbing her hand) Debe look at me (lifting her chin up) Deb?... why are you crying.

Debe : (hugs Vi) I... don't... know.. Vi... All my life, I was waiting for him to love me.... Ba.. ba.. but..

Vi : Am sorry.... We can do anything now Deb.. They both are in love...

Debe : Please, take me somewhere away from him Vi... I'm begging you... Please...

Vi's POV,

Damn! I haven't seen her crying before... She always held her head high... Love makes everyone and anyone weak.. I promise you Deb, this will be the last time you cry. I will not let anything happen you or anyone hurt you.

I love you.

(Taking her to his place)

Meanwhile Disha's POV,

(Smiles) I don't know what he likes.... How am I going to tell him... (nervous tone) Should I start this casually or I can surprise him... I mean... Oh! he doesn't like surprises.... Oh!!! sh*t, why can't I remember anything... I must be the most unromantic person on earth... Should I get flowers.. Do men like flowers... Wait, does he like flowers.. Arghhh! now I can understand why boys are proposing.... Proposing is definitely not girls thing... I have to find a way to tell him.. Come on...

Driver : Madam. Disha we are here.

Disha : Thank you (smiles and runs to the mansion) Mr. Hustun (hugs him tight)

Mr. Hutsun : Wow.. Miss. Disha... You are looking very happy.

Disha : Yes, I am... Do you know where Taiga is..

Mr. Hutsun : I saw him in the first floor.

Disha : Okayyyy... Thank you (runs to the first floor)