You Belong To Me

Chapter 547 : Tired

Taiga's Mansion,

Elizabeth : Hey honey... (Smiles at Disha) what did you came with anything... (checking her watch) I see you spend the whole day in your room... oopsie my son's room..

Since the head is dead, atleast thats what this world believes, I can move freely now..(Pats on Disha's shoulder)... Thanks to you and your group (laughs and leaves to her room)

Next day,

(Disha trying to wake up from the bed but Taiga pins her against the bed)

Disha : Tai... I need to use the bathroom.

Taiga : (sleepy tone) I will go with you.

Disha : Shut up Taiga.. Leave me now.

Taiga : No... (exhales) I want to you.

Disha : Look, Mister... I know you came home drunk, if you want me to let that go... Let me go now.

Taiga : Ahhh! Fine... Fine... Fine (turns to his side)

After few minutes-Disha walking out from the bathroom,