You Belong To Me

Chapter 546 : The Dead One

In the base,

Taiga : How?... HOW?

Akai : Taiga.. we didn't know... You asked us to close the base on Jess memorial day.. And we didn't open the gates for two days..

Taiga : Find who did this..

(Man running to Taiga)

Taiga's Man: Boss... There is someone dead in our storage..

(Taiga and Akai going to the storage)

In the storage,

Taiga : It's him... He killed his boss.

Akai : Are you sure.. How are saying.

Taiga : Look at his tattoo on his neck...

Akai : Eagle crest... So he killed his boss and then killed himself.. But why did he came so far from him to kill himself. It's a floor down.

Taiga : Hmm? Tricky one isn't it... There only two probability to see this, either he tried to send signals to someone or he just thought of dying here (spits)

Akai : (laughs) Damn! man... You got your wit back.. I can't believe this.. Did Disha gave you good stuffs.

Taiga : Enough about my wife.... Tell them to start the celebration... The eagles are dead... (Smiles) Send the news to the three empirors..

Next day Morning,