You Belong To Me

chapter 35 : The Punishment--II

what is wrong with him,why he always find reasons to kill people and here I thought he might have changed atleast a bit. Guess I was wrong as always...I should have known this already, thinking back that's why he shot Mathew when he saw me with him in villach, he was...he was thinking that we both were having an affair, he stood at my back, by tucking my hair behind my ears he said,"what, why are you staying quiet..Are you shocked to hear about your secret or are you wondering how I found out about that....ah ??"...He is a maniac, he truly is, how can he think like this,he started to move around me.

Taiga : Answer me Disha (gritting his teeth again to control his anger).

Disha : He has nothing to do with this Taiga so please don't involve him in this too.

Taiga : Involve. Me.Are you serious Disha.I'm not the one who involve people here, its are responsible for your own actions.Because of your selfish desires they are getting punished.

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