You Belong To Me

chapter 33 : The Redbox

I wish to die already, somehow he is gonna torture me and kill me from inside so its better for me to choose direct death , atleast it ends soon with less pain(Tears dropping from her eyes). I don't know where he went after pushing me on the bed, each second feels like a year, why can't he end me soon?...

when I was thinking about things which are about happen , Taiga came inside the room by pushing the door in anger, He was carrying a red box which was made from a very rare wood, wait I remember that box now !! How did I forget that !! ...seeing him with that box my body automatically started to tremble in fear...This can't be happening?, No. Is he that pissed off ?.I didn't expect this to happen.

He came closer and asked me,"Are you prepared?.I dont care even if you are not ".with tears in my eyes , i got down from the bed and knelt down to beg him....what am I doing? why I am begging him suddenly??..when I decided to come back ,I made myself a promise ,not to beg him again but when I saw him coming toward me with that furious look, I can't help myself but to get on my knees.

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