You Belong To Me

Chapter 30 : Did He Change?

Even though i had enough anger and reason to kill him, i had no courage to do that, even if i had that courage, i know its not going to be that easy to kill him, because he never lets his guard down even when he was with me... Taiga is not somekind of person who can be killed just with the courage.... I have seen many people who tried to kill him, and failed badly at the end and no one even knows where there are now or even they are alive or not...

So the only thing i can do with my anger is to throw it far away from me, since its just waste of time to carry around.. I didnt thought that Taiga would notice me blacking out, suddenly he came closer to my face, snapped his fingers and said, " what were you thinking?".. I was so afraid to give him an answer so i didn't respond him anything in return instead i looked down, deep down i knew i cant stay silent like this for too long before Taiga, since he is not a calm person.

When he once again said," I'm asking you Disha, did you forgot to speak, you know very well that i was talking with you, then why did you went to your own world again ". I replied in anger tone, " i wanted to know the resson about why are you trying to put a show a here, even though when you knew very well that i'm not going to buy any of this...why are you doing this Taiga".

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