You Belong To Me

Chapter 28 : The Next Hurdle

After knowing about the truth, Debe started to blabber everything in fear, i didnt expected her to be this afraid, to make her ease i asked her what she tried to make Taiga fall for her when Disha was not around, she sighed and said, " i tried everything Jonas, i even tried to give myself to him but guess what he said ".

Eventhou i had an idea about what he would have said i asked her "what" out of curiosity, again she sighed and said, " he said that he has no problem in sleeping with me but asked me to forget about the idea of marrying him".

After hearing that i cant control myself, i started to laugh very hard, Debe got irritated and started to throw things at me, i mean, i cant believe even the powerful and beautiful women gets humiliated by Taiga....

Debe : why are you laughing?? Am i looking like joke to you Jonas.... You know what my dad can do right..

I laughed really hard after she mentioned her Dad, " Deb!! Did you forget what Taiga can do to your Dad, Ha Ha Ha.... If you had tried a little harder, you would have won Taiga's heart".

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