You Belong To Me

Chapter 21 : My First Love -- II

After talking about pete and others for a while, we were working together to set up the place for fire camp. Then we both settled in a place after completing the work, i find Disha always doing some funny mischief things.. She was doing something in zacky's tent, i went near her and asked, " what are you upto".she jumped in fear, " oh my god!! You scared me, okie dont tell zacky, i'm going to put this toy spider under his bedsheets".

After completing the mission, we went back to the lake,

Four years back,

Me and charles were walking to the lake, on the way we were making fun of zacky, after reaching the lake we went in separate ways. I was busy taking some photos, after a while i sat near the lake and started to clean my camera lenses, then charles came to me and said, " hey Disha, are you free now"... I smiled and nodded, he was standing there without saying anything but i can see that he has something on his mind so i asked him, " do you want to say something, Charles"...

Charles : hum yes!! No!! I mean Am sorry.

He walked away from me, then he again came back and asked me, "why do you love photography this much"... I turned toward him and said, "This is what you wanted to know"... He looked at me with firm look and said, "if you dont want to tell me, fine i can understand". ... I asked him to sit next to me and said, " you know you can ask me anything right not only zacky you people are my friends too" ... He sat next to me to hear about my past...i started to tell him the person who gave me this passion.

Disha : After my parents passed away i came to live with my grandparents, i felt so lonely, hated everything and everyone around me... So oneday my granddad took me to this lake, we traveled for hours to reach that place, i dont know why he took me there, with confused look i asked him, "what you gonna do here". He knelt down and said, " not me, its you who gonna do something here".

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