You Belong To Me

Chapter 19 : The Day I Fell In Love With Her

Guys tell me please, i wanted to know who you people are and how you even know my boss... She was continuously asking us for the explanation.. So i asked her, " okie we ll tell you everything about our past again" she nodded in all directions... " but before that you should promise us that you ll not leave again like you did before because what we are about to tell you, will definitely make you scared". She smiled at us and said, " Guys am not afraid of dying for a friend but am afraid of dying without knowing the reason, thats the reason i am asking you for the explanation"..

I had this self satisfaction for choosing the right person to ask help for saving Disha.. This is the kind of person we want, of course Disha would never made friendship with scum's. I laughed to myself and asked her to sit next to me.

Okie we ll go back to our past again, i ll continue from where i left earlier. I also asked Natalie if that was ok for her, she nodded and asked me to go into the story soon.

I think i left in her ambition last time.... Everyone (shaking their heads). So after Disha came to our town and met us,, we became so close with her, we never had this new girl feeling with her... Disha always like to get into the trouble... (laughing to himself) she never thinks of after effects.... One day we all went out for getting stocks for pete's supermarket, while coming back we saw bunch of guys beating a single guy, i know Disha would definitely do something, as i feared she ran into the situation in a blink of an eye and started to fight...

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