You Belong To Me

Chapter 18 : The New Plan

Charles's POV,

Natalie looked at us with confused look and said, " Fine I'll help you people to with the perfect rescue operation"... We all saw a positive aura at the back of Natalie... Pete was right she is our life savor.... Then she started to pack her belongings... Now we all looked confused. Pete asked her," ah!! Natalie, are we going out to make our next plan".. She smiled at him and said, " no dear!! am leaving" ... Immediately cas asked her, " Then what about our plan". She turned back and said, " we ll talk about that later"..

We all looked down for a while, she came near us and said, "mchh!! Guys I have lots and lots of work to do in my office, I'm really a very important person, nothing will go properly if am not there"... Just then a call came to her, she took the phone and talked something, then turned toward us and said, " Did you see that, that's my Boss, He said he cant do anything without me" so I had to leave am really sorry..

She said "bye" and turned to leave, just then we heard loud knocking on the door,Natalie stopped and looked at us with confused look on her face and asked, " Did you ordered pizza again".. (All the four shaking their heads at same time). I got little frightened and turned toward others to ask them to open the door but before even I started, they all asked me to open, the knocking did not stop, so I went and opened the door, there was another surprise waiting for us on the doorstep..

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