You Belong To Me

Chapter 14 : We Are Betrayer's

Present -- In the hotel,

Charles : Guys!! Stop fighting, remember why we are here. Miss Natalie as Cassy said you still don't know anything about Disha and that's why am explaining to you. We don't want Disha to loose a friend like you.

Natalie : But why?? Why she didnt even tell me about her ambition. What I am going to do to her, all I tried was to find a way to help her but She didn't even trust me with her ambition (giving them a fake smile) and you people calling me as her good friend. Cassy is right I don't know anything about her.

Charles POV,

Everyone in the room fell silent untill Cassy came forward.. I thought she's gonna start another quarrel with her ,so before she went near her I tried to reach for her but it was too late. She went to Natalie and sat near her. We looked at each other with confused look. She placed her hand on Natalie's hand and said, "she didn't tell you not because of the trust issue but because she was trying to forget those memories from her life".

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