You Belong To Me

Chapter 10 : Mysterious People


Natalie : Please tell me who are you people? If you are here for Disha, I swear we really don't know where she is so please don't hurt us anymore.

Natalie's POV,

I cried out in anxiety, I don't want them to hurt Mathew anymore.. I kneeled before them and begged them not to trouble us anymore.

A blonde guy came near and kneeled down in front of me stretching out his hand he said, "As I told you earlier, we are not here to harm you guys, " we just need some information about Disha. Just tell us if you know where Taiga took her to?. I was really shocked to hear the name Taiga. Is he talking about the Taiga I think, That's not possible, how can he be.. I must have heard it wrong.

But again that guy mentioned Taiga, so I asked him,

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