You Belong To Me

Chapter 8 : The Fear

Disha's POV,

I knew this was gonna happen but I can't go back to the life I had. I don't want to be here, I don't want to undergo those pain again, before coming here I made up my mind not to cry anymore in any type of situation , but this place reminded me all those days, without my conscience tears started shedding from my eyes... Nothing is gonna change...Taiga is not a person who can be convinced by a women's tears, hmph...what can a weak women like me do other than shedding tears.

I was cent percent sure that he's gonna put a bullet through my head so I looked up to see what he was doing,but was shocked to see him undressing. "God, is he gonna torture me like before, No no no no!!! I prefer death.... How did I forgot how scary he was !! I should have let Mathew take a bullet and run away from that place, somehow he deserved to die for bulling me for a year.

Mathew: Achoo!! Achoo!! Achoooo!!

Natalie : what happen Mathew!! Do you want me to call the doc?

Mathew: No. I think someone is cursing me badly.

Disha's POV,.

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