You Belong To Me

Chapter 5 : Who Is She?

Bob : She is wife of Mr. Taiga.

Bob's POV,

The expression on his face changed immediately, I can tell already that he is in shock . Of course who wouldn't be, even though he was shocked, he never stopped asking questions, he asked me how did she know boss Jonas ,??

Bob : he knew boss Jonas since he was her personal bodyguard four years back".

Bob's POV,

He started to move to his position without saying a word after knowing about her relationship with Master and boss... After few steps he turned back and asked me one final question," if she is the wife of our master, why is she living in this three-storey apartment" ... I smiled and said him "cuz she ran away a year ago", he shouted, "Whaaaaat? She left one of the only son of business empires who are billionaires also the youngest ceo of Taiga groups and the cousin of dark world's boss, Jonas . And not to forget boss Jonas was her personal bodyguard, how did she ran away from him? ..

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