You Belong To Me

Chapter 3 : The Encounter

Disha : (Tire screeching sound) thank you, keep the change sir... Mat, Nat don't worry I won't let them hurt you.. Please hang on....

Disha's POV,

I opened the door calling their names with fear, Mathewwww, Nataa, But the atmosphere was quite surprise. It was calm and cool.

Seeing me Mathew called, "Ah Disha?? come in.. Come in". I came in and asked him, "Mathew are you alright? Where is he?. Calmly he asked me where is who?.

I really don't understand the situation,... I got scared and started to search the rooms.

Suddenly Mathew shouted," Whom are you looking for, hey Disha stupid. Why are you going inside my room? Hey fool stop that's my washroom..."

Thankfully No one was there, I thanked God (both smiling at eachother ) and forgot everything for one sec then I realized no one was there and shouted, "huh!!! WHAT NO ONE IS HERE!!!.... (angry level 25%).

Again with calm face he said," yes, no one is here and started to talk nonsense,

Mathew : Disha are you looking for some one?? Why are making a mess in my home. Let me watch this series.. Ah where is my potota chips.. Hy Disha can you pass that bowl (angry level 50%) why are staring at me.. Hy why is your face turning red, are you feeling shy?? Ha ha ha I just asked you to pass the bowl...oh now I get even you can't stand against my handsome look... OmG but am sorry Disha, my heart already belongs to someone. Maybe good luck next time( angry level 75%). But I can make an exception for you, since you are my friend. Ah what are you ready ha ha ha ha..

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