You Belong To Me

Chapter 1 : Beginning Of The End

Disha's POV,

It was an another fine day in Villach, a small city in Austria. The sky was warm and clear as always. I was on my way to work, Finally everything went back to its coarse.....I can't believe it's already been a year. But unfortunately all the good times had to come to an end some day. But I didn't know that day would be today... I did not expect to see him here again even in my wildest dreams, I just want to believe this moment in my chapter was not real. But it turns out to be real, my heart was beating so fast, I even tried to run away from that place but couldn't able to move my legs, everything round me stood still and the only thing going on my mind was " I DON'T WANT TO RETURN TO THAT HELL AGAIN".

I started to run away from that place.Even though it had been a year everything feels like yesterday. I Will not forget each and every minute I spent with him... I ran far away from that place hoping to get away from him before he finds me here....

I went back to my apartment, started to pack my bags up , suddenly I heard a familiar voice behind me " what happened Disha?? Why are you packing ?? ". I turned back immediately, finding my best friend Natalie standing with my files and handbag which I left on the office floor before running back to the apartment, she is the only person who I can trust here,I wish I could tell her everything but I know it will end up hurting her too. People ll eventually get hurt when they know about my past, so I decided to lock myself up to prevent others getting hurt because of me.

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