You Are My Mr Wright

Chapter 91 the Same Gifts

Arthur Andrew's hand fell on his chest exaggeratedly and he wailed, "You dislike me now? In fact, you can get everything you get on a woman's body from me. Wright, do you want to try?"

Beau Wright's eyes twitched as he glanced at Arthur Andrew. His handsome face was full of disgust, "Disgusting!"

"Disgusting? How did I disgust you? Beau Wright, I'm not the same as women, but I have something they don't have. Don't really want to try."

Why did he feel avoidant and disgusting?

Arthur Andrew was deliberately teasing him. The more disgusting he felt, the more excited Arthur Andrew became. His slender body lay directly on the desk of the conference room, with his legs crossed. His posture was charming and attractive.

"Look at my figure and face. I'm definitely a first-class one. Don't you want me?"

"I think your second profession can be a prostitute. By the way, I'm sure you don't need me to call Lavinia George and ask her to come here to conquer you..."

Hearing this, Arthur Andrew coughed softly, took out a key from his suit pocket, and threw it to him.

Taking it, Beau Wright raised his eyebrows in confusion.

"A birthday gift, a villa in Cultural Park of Tranton. It's surrounded by mountains and rivers, and the air is fresh there. I think it's very suitable for you and your wife to hang out!"

While he was speaking, Arthur Andrew stood up from his desk. He tidied up his suit with his big hand and walked out of the conference room.

"Where are you going now?" Beau Wright glanced at his back.

"I've decided to listen to your advice. I'll go back and fight with deal with Lavinia George’s hands..."


Beau Wright swept his eyes over the red scratches on his neck, understanding his words right away...