You Are My Mr Wright

Chapter 86 Some Things Have Changed

Seeing this, Beau frowned. He stretched out his strong arm and fell them on her waist.

Her body could not help but tremble slightly. Before she could react, the pair of strong hands had lifted her up. With a flip, she was already lying on his chest.

Glancing at her, Beau pinched her chin with his hand and said in a low voice, "Are you sleeping with me, or with the wall, huh?"

"I'm just sleeping towards the wall. Can you let me down first? It's a little uncomfortable..."

In reality, it wasn't uncomfortable. However, it was a little embarrassing because their bodies were tightly pressed together without any gaps.

She could even clearly feel his heartbeat, which was so strong. Therefore, her heart beat faster involuntarily.

The corners of his lips curled into a smile, making him look a little evil. He stared at her, and the hot air out of his mouth deliberately sprayed on her face. His voice was low, slow, and attractive.

"Uncomfortable? Where? Is it Mrs. Wright's chest? That's right. Only the softest part of your body can be hurt..."

Hearing this, Harriet blushed and scolded, "Shame on you!"

"Really? Then what about..."

As he spoke, Beau suddenly slipped into the hem of her pajamas with his hands.

"Take out your hand quickly! It's dirty!" Harriet's face couldn't help turning redder. She patted his arm hard.