Charlotte gently patted her back and said reassuringly, "It's okay. He said he would marry me, he won't go back on his word." When she said this, she actually didn't believe it much herself.

Shelly sat up straight and pulled a thick stack of tissues to wipe her tears.

She suddenly became fierce and vicious, her features twisted, her eyes full of resentment, "It's all Grandma's fault, luring the wolf into the house. She just insisted that Joyce live in the family. That bitch would just have to go after Grandma dies. Just why? she should have long been dead!”

She wasn’t really close to her grandmother Stephanie when she grew up. But usually when they got along, even if she was not quite satisfied with her grandma, she would not go so far as to curse her grandmother.

Today, she was really occupied with anger and shame and she could not think properly.

When Charlotte heard that, she hurriedly covered Shelly's mouth, "That must not be said! In case someone hears you."

Shelly grabbed her clothes and lost control, "There's no one else here but you and me! I have to say, Grandma is already in the terminal stage of lung cancer, and the doctor clearly said that she had at most a month to live, but now it has been almost three months. A few days ago, she was told to start preparing for the funeral, but I see that she is in better spirits these two days! I really don't know when she will die."

it was as if the girl in front of her was not the Shelly she knew.

words seemed to suddenly wake her


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reason to stay in the Warner family and would definitely be thrown out of the Warner family. As long as Joyce left the Warner family, Luther could slowly stay away from Joyce. This was the most

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