Civil Affairs Bureau.

Joyce Knowles got married today.

When she signed her name and was about to write the name of her husband, she looked up at the man beside her.

The man was so handsome that even the Civil Affairs Bureau staff stole glances at him from time to time. Come on, a woman would just have to be so lucky to get married to such a man, right?

"What's your name? Sorry, I forgot." Joyce paused.

Luther Warner's handsome face darkened. Did this woman really not know his name? Or was she just pretending too well?

Could there even be a woman in Khebury who did not know the name of Luther? He had such a stunning face and such a perfectly proportioned body. He was the dream of every Khebury woman. Of course, he was even the head of R&S Group, a real king in finance, e-commerce, real estate, and entertainment.

He snatched the form from Joyce's hand, and dropped his name directly. The handwriting apparently showed his bold and domineering personality.

That's it then, after the stamp.

Joyce packed her things neatly.

Luther was just about to speak.

But he was eventually interrupted by Joyce, "When is the divorce?"

said Grandma may not make it through the

words put him in an extremely depressed mood. When is the divorce? Shouldn’t he be the

lady on the roadside. The old lady was having pneumothorax and serious airway occlusion back then, and her situation is critical.

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the old lady was a terminal stage lung cancer patient who insisted that her grandson

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"We just can’t. Grandma will send someone to

have a request,"

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there comes a time when this fake marriage will end, and I hope that by then you will use your powers to remove the traces that


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