Worship The Ground You Walk On

Chapter 67 Who Tells You This

In the Crawford group, Ben was having a meet and sitting in his leather chair comfortably. He was holding a cup of coffee, with steam coming out from it.

Suddenly, he felt an acute heartache and his right eyelid twitched a few times.

He had a bad feeling about this sign. Though he was a materialist and didn’t believe in myths, he couldn’t find any reasonable explanation for this omen.

Then, he glanced at Hanna who was sitting opposite him. To help her pay off the loan from the bank, he assigned the advertising task of the CCM Project to her and made her a partner. That was why they were in the same meeting.

Hanna was safe and sound, so the omen wasn’t for her, which meant…

Carelessly, he released a cup at hand.

And then the cup fell down on the ground and broke into pieces.

Everyone in the room turned to look at him.

Ben was annoyed by all of these bad omens. Suddenly, Claudia’s name came into his mind and disappeared in a moment.

When he was about to adjust his mind and focus on the business, he was rudely disturbed by the phone ringing.

He took a look at the phone and frowned. Hesitating for a minute, he requested the vice president to pause the meeting and answered the phone outside.

Once he picked up the call, he could hear a woman speaking worriedly, “Claudia is missing! She hasn’t been home by now! Something bad must have happened to her! You need to find her now!”

Kim was speaking so loud that he had to move his phone away from his ear.

A few moments later, he could no longer hear her voice from the phone, and then he put the phone back to his ear and said coldly, “How did she disappear?”