Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 101: Fine, I’ll Go Over

As a result, he poked a second time.

Elaine said anxiously, “Wait a minute, wait for a while, after that Bad-Bear is gone, I’ll talk to you again.”

“Ahem, Bad-Bear… Who is it?”

Elaine was startled by a cold, charming male voice, she screamed in shock, turned her face. Oops… Embarrassing… It’s too embarrassing. At this moment, the person standing behind poking her shoulder was… Emmett Smith!

“Bad… I mean, President Smith…” She almost called him Bad-Bear Smith…

“Pre, President Smith… what a coincidence, are you here to play too?”

Everyone, every old man and old lady, widened their eyes and looked at the super handsome guy who suddenly came. Nowadays, amongst youngsters who wore glasses, there weren’t many guys that could look so elegant. But… Why does such a noble and handsome boy know the eldest daughter of the Jones family? Everyone’s eyes went from Emmett to Elaine again.

Emmett frowned slightly, snorted, “What did you say? Am I here to play? Do you think I’m so free?”

Elaine’s cold sweat immediately fell. She feared that Bad-Bear Smith would say, “I’m here to pick you up specially.”

“Yes, sure, President Smith you’re not here to play, President Smith is a busy man, why will you come here to play? Oh, oh, I got it, President Smith, you’re here to inspect this road, right? After all, you’ve ordered to have the road repaired.”

Without waiting for Emmett to say anything, Elaine immediately introduced him to the surrounding neighbors, “President Smith is the kind-hearted man who fixed the road for us! He’s also the boss of the company where I work! Today, President Smith specially came to inspect this road amongst his busy schedule. It shows how much importance this road of ours is to President Smith!!! Ladies and gentlemen, we have to thank President Smith!”

Emmett suddenly felt speechless. Damn it, what the heck was Elaine, this girl, doing again? Since when was he here to inspect this road? Was this small, broken road worthy of his personal inspection?

“Wow, this is our great benefactor!”

“This is the philanthropist!”

“Oh, good people!”

to thank

were full of emotions, wiping tears, and crowded Emmett with praises

sideways, like a crab that stole something, and carefully walked out

Jones!!!” Suddenly, Emmett roared from

Elaine stood still

and waved at the neighbors and said hurriedly, “It’s the right thing to do, it’s not worth mentioning… Don’t worry

squeezed out the crowd and strode towards Elaine, with a wicked grin, he squeezed out a few words between his teeth, “Elaine, wait for me, let’s go

seemed like she had offended this hot-tempered guy again! Elaine was so scared that her calves trembled while she had to maintain a stiff smile, to hell with a smile! What was she, Elaine, still doing in a daze, was she going to wait around like

normally. Subconsciously, Elaine took a deep breath, turned around, and ran away. Emmett suddenly frowned hard and yelled, “Brat, why are you

just waiting there for him obediently just now, and now she was running like a madman?

group of old men and old ladies that just reacted and

“damn it,” and raised his long legs and ran hastily. He jumped into the car first and backed up hurriedly. Fortunately, he had the habit of racing since young. He was faster in reverse compared to the speed of others driving forward. Swished, he got out like an arrow leaving the bow. A good car

“If I had change into a normal car, probably these grateful elderlies will stop

for it!!! This is the

is scolding me? Oh, could it be Bad-Bear Smith?” Elaine patted her chest, and ran to the bus stop, before she could take a

hurry get on,” Elaine said to herself. While she squeezed onto the bus, she glanced back. She was still alright when

side of the road, with his sunglasses, and

help but jumped, several centimeters, off the ground. Oh gosh, Bad-Bear Smith’s smile was too terrifying; it was more shocking than the smile of a crocodile! What kind of fate does she

little head and asked herself if it was an unrealistic dream she made? Bad-Bear Smith, that stuck up guy, would say he like her, this unlucky person? What… She would rather believe that she that the villain,

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