Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 35: A Card That Can Be Used at the Entire Food Street.

In the arms of another, she still didn’t know what was happening. Boom! Emmett kicked open the door and leaped up.

“Damn it! What are you doing! Are you crazy? Do you want to die? Why did you block with your car? Do you know it’s very dangerous!” The bus driver was so angry that he was scolding Emmett the moment he saw him.

Emmett glared at the driver coldly. With this glance, his entire deadly aura terrified the driver that his neck stiffened and dared not say anything. His glare could have killed people! Emmett stepped in, tilted his neck slightly, and held the driver’s gear lever with one hand, and lightly bent it. Click! The metal gear level broke just like this!

“Ah!” The driver shrunk his neck in fright.

Emmett’s stern gaze glanced into the bus, with half of the gear stick in his hand. Just like that, he bent it while playing with it, and it was split into four parts! With this show hand… it scared everyone.

“Elaine! Where are you?” His voice was so cold that it scared everyone on the bus into a chill.

“Oh, I’m here.” Elaine raised her hand subconsciously and replied, in the arms of another man.

Emmett walked over, pushing away the passengers, and saw Elaine in the arms of a stranger. He was so angry, but he couldn’t hit anywhere! Clamping Elaine’s wrist with a hand and pulled her into his arms hard, then unexpectedly, kicked the man who held Elaine, three meters away.

“Ah…” The man screamed in pain, holding his waist leaning on the ground. It led off to another round of screams. Then, it was dead silence again.

“Damn… President Smith?” Elaine shook her body after she saw who was coming. Oh my, was this guy a ghost, how did he catch up? She was so unlucky, why couldn’t she get rid of this haunting guy? Could it be, her biggest mistake in her life was that she had accidentally slept with Emmett? She really wanted to tell Emmett, I beg you, treat me as a fart, let it go.

“President Smith, I’m wrong, I should have made faces at you.”

“You’ve done more wrong deeds! Damn girl! You’ll suffer later!”

“You, why did you kick this guy? He saved me!” Elaine saw the pitiful man and glared at Emmett.

“Who asked him to hug others!” After saying this, Emmett clamped Elaine’s waist as if he was catching a chicken. Then they got off the bus and squeezing the noisy Elaine into his car, then he got on the car, and drove away dashingly.

“Oh my gosh…” The driver then sighed and patted his chest, exclaiming that he at least had his life kept.

“Oh, God… This man… Is so handsome!” The women on the bus started gossiping.

The driver looked at the broken gear with teary eyes, and said crying, “Everyone, get off the bus, this bus can no longer be driven.”