Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 34: I'll Send That Girl

"Aren’t you always very excited and powerful in this aspect?”

It was rumored that young master Smith could stay up all night. Making the women faint, and wake up in pain, and then faint again. It was a really bloody rumor.

Emmett’s mouth twitched and squeezed out a few words, “I was interrupted by you before I started. What short time or long time is there?”

Jasper’s eyes widened in disbelief. Could it be that… Emmett had never touched that girl? Why? Didn’t they stay together overnight? What did they do that whole night?

When Emmett arrived at the garage, he said to Jasper, “You guys go to the judo hall first and wait for me. I’ll send that little girl home. I’ll be there later.”

“Well?” Jasper was, once again, thundered. Young master Smith wants to send a woman home? Oh God, has the Sun come out from the west side?

Instead, Emmett didn’t feel that he had said anything wrong, opened his car door, and said naturally, “Yes, that girl is very muddleheaded. I’m afraid she would take the wrong bus.”

Jasper looked at the car that Emmett drove out, and the corners of his mouth twitched fiercely. “Don’t kid, just say directly that you want to spend more time with her! She didn’t lose her way when she came to work, right! Without you, young master Smith, will she be abducted?”

Then, he took his phone and called Oliver, when it was connected, he said, “Oliver, don’t be late tonight, Emmett’s mood isn’t good. If you’re late, you wouldn’t even know how you die later!”


Elaine was strolling on the streets, talking to Hazel on the phone.

“Oh, shall we go to the usual rice noodle restaurant? Who will treat? Of course, it’s you, Ms. Williams, who will be airing your grievances, treat!... What? I treat? You still dare to say, I’m a debtor, okay! I have a 10 million debt on me! Do you want to treat me or not? If no, then let’s not eat already... This is more like it, I say you this girl wouldn’t be too ruthless.” Elaine leisurely walked while nagging and talking on the phone.

She didn’t notice that a sports car was coming behind her, and someone watched her intensely. Her expressions were amusing, with her head slightly tilted, her facial expressions were vibrant. Her red lips pouted at times, and her eyes were round like it stored a lake of water.

Even when walking, she was inattentive, not looking at the road. She bumped into a man as she walked, and quickly picked her phone and apologized to the other party, “Ah, I’m sorry, sorry, didn’t see…”