Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 31: Escape to the Bedroom

There was an actor that she liked a lot in the show, every time she sees him, she would drool a lot! Unable to control herself, Elaine held the table and sat steadily on the sofa. Watching it with relished and would stomp her feet and laughed from time to time.

Emmett was just done with his shower, wiping his hair casually in front of the bathroom mirror. He wasn’t covered with a towel seemingly on purpose; he opened the door and walked out. The first thing he saw was Elaine, half-twisted on the sofa, watching the series until she had a silly expression.

Indeed… She just liked Taiwanese arts. He remembered the first time she came to the office; she had mentioned that she liked Taiwanese authors the most. Today, he deliberately found a Taiwanese idol drama. As he had expected, she was engrossed in the show that she has lost track of time. Haha.

Her two cat-like eyes were curved like two bright crescent moons. Her lips were red, and seeing it, makes one want to hold her and kiss it. Her pinkish cheeks still had baby fats and made one want to pinch it…

“You’ve come in?” Emmett deliberately took a towel, wiped his body, and walked in front of her and stood there.

“Ah? Oh. Yes.” Elaine was too absorbed in it. She responded perfunctorily while her eyes didn’t leave the screen at all.

Emmett continued wiping here and there in front of her, still stubbornly standing in opposite her. Damn it, I don’t believe that you wouldn’t lookup at all?

“Is it nice to watch?”

“…Huh? Yes, it’s nice.” Elaine laughed with the plot and said it was nice to watch.

Emmett bit his lips, “Where’s the coffee you’ve brewed? Has it cooled down?”

“Huh?” Cof… fee… What coffee… Elaine’s brain knotted at that moment, after calming down, she put the tablet down from her face, looked at Emmett and pointed at the coffee and said, “Here, the coffee is here, it shouldn’t be cold…cold…cold…” Her voice gradually disappeared. She frowned, and slowly… Bit by bit… Raising her head… Looking directly at Emmett…

Elaine blushed with anger, using her hands to cover her face, shouting, “I’m still here, what should I do? I can’t possibly keep covering my face, right? At least wear something, and cover your main parts!”

“Haha, where is my main part?” Emmett’s laughter was full of mocking.