Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 28: Fangirl’s Heart Broke

Elaine finally found what she loved to eat, haha, mala soup! It was cheap, delicious, and nutritious. Think about it, there are noodles and many vegetables inside, and when you mixed it together, it’s only a few dollars.

“Boss, give me a Mala Soup!” Elaine rubbed her hands and sat happily on the small stool along the street alley. The short table and stool were suitable for little girls like Elaine. There were working men and women beside her eating, of course, there were also students like Elaine.

Elaine was at ease, she realized that such an environment suited her more. What kind of grass should grow on what type of soil. When you walked into the lobby, a big company like Tianyi Group, even the sound of the high heels clicking is like mocking herself.

The hot mala soup was brought to the table, and Elaine waved her chopsticks and ate happily. “Wow, smells nice! Yup, the taste is good! It will be better if it’s spicier… A little spicier… Awesome!”

Elaine, who was eating the mala Soup, and also bought a bottle of Miranda, was elated. As she was having a great time, a clean and handsome guy who bought water from the streets looked at Elaine and said, “Eh? Aren’t you, Elaine Jones?”

Elaine heard the voice and raised her head, stunned with her eyes widened. In a second, her face was as red as ketchup. Oh gosh! It’s the senior she has a crush on!!! Aye, what should she do? Was she horrid now? Eating Mala soup… Does the corner of her mouth have chili? Puffed! Elaine stood up in a panic and wiped the corner of her mouth with her hand.

“Uh, it’s me… Hello senior… What a coincidence, that senior you’re also shopping on the street. Eh, senior, how did you know my name?”

Wah, her senior remembered her name! The senior actually knew her name! Does this mean… hehe… Without waiting for Elaine’s fantasy to end, the senior interrupted her thoughts.

“Oh, I’m accompanying my girlfriend to shop, buy some books. When you just attended high school, I already remembered you because your name is very special, haha, so I remembered it.”

Girlfriend? The senior has a girlfriend? Ah, senior, why didn’t you wait for me? I’m still dedicated to you!

Elaine’s face couldn’t help but spasm. A girl with long flowing hair appeared behind the senior, proper, generous, elegant. She nodded towards Elaine with a smile, “Hello, junior.”

“Hel, Hello…”

The senior’s girlfriend… was so beautiful! She just couldn’t be compared to her…

“Elaine, we will make a move first, we’ll shop ahead, you can continue to eat, bye.” The senior waved at Elaine naturally, and at the same time, held his girlfriend’s hand intimately, and left.