Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 27: Defeated by a Call

Presumably, anyone who has a 10 million debt on their heads would have difficulty sleeping at night and be so worried that their hair turned white. To continue eating and sleeping as usual, she would be looking on the bright side of things already.

Ms. Sophia was stunned by Elaine’s shameless question. Money? President Smith’s little lover still needed to worry about money when eating? So weird.

“Oh, the food here is not that expensive. For a business set meal, 40 or 50 dollars is enough, there’s drinks, vegetables, and side dishes available. Quite reasonable.”

“What!” Elaine shouted exaggeratedly, not ladylike at all, “So expensive! 40 or 50 dollars! It’s enough for my whole family meal for one day…” Her last sentence was mumbled to herself; hence Sophia didn’t hear it clearly, but her earlier words surprised her.

Weird, 40 to 50 dollars set meal and it’s too expensive? Was there really anyone that can live better than her?

Reaching the ground floor, Elaine straightaway waved goodbye to Sophia, “Ms. Sophia, you can go ahead and eat your curry rice. I’ll go and shop around the streets. I’ll see the small stalls if there’s food such as wontons or vermicelli. Bye-bye.”

Sophia’s eyes widened as big as a bell, waving her hand, wanted to shout loudly but felt that it would damage the image of a white-collar. “Hey~ Elaine, I’ll treat you, I’ll treat you to this meal…”

But Elaine used the speed of a rabbit and ran off without a shadow. “I’m now a poor person, extremely poor! I have to learn how to be frugal, save every single cent and payback that bad-bear Smith! No matter how you say it, bad-bear Smith is my biggest enemy, if he isn’t so evil, I wouldn’t be so miserable. Although our family doesn’t have much money, we have never been in debt before. Bad-bear Smith, we are irreconcilable!!!” Elaine was mumbling while walking on the streets.


“Ah-choo!” Emmett picked up the tissue and lowered his head slightly, blocking, and then sneezed elegantly.

“Emmett, do you have a cold? Haha, I have not seen you sick in so many years, is it some woman who has tired you out and hallowed you out?” Oliver grinned wickedly while tasting the wine.

No one could ever think that the two most famous bachelors would have dozens of dishes for a meal, but treated the dishes like flowers. Both of them are the kind that doesn’t eat much, as if they have lost interest in eating.

The waiter was struggling internally: What a fragrant dish, why don’t they touch it?