Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 26: Why is it Inconvenient?

“Your friend is here, why aren’t you getting up?” Elaine pushed Emmett.

Emmett took a deep breath and another time, frowning and hesitated for a while before he reluctantly got up from Elaine. Looked below and secretly sighed, with no choice but to zip up. It was so suffocating…

Elaine quickly got up, found her underwear on the carpet, put it on skillfully, and then organized her clothing. This bad thing, in such a short time, he was about to expose her three ‘spots’. Damn…

Emmett tidied himself, turned around, and stared at Elaine fiercely as if he had been starved for three days, and Elaine was that piece of braised pork.

“Sit properly in the future, you have to cross your leg! If you show your bottom again, I’ll smack your ass till it’s swollen!” Maybe due to his desires not fulfilled, his tone was filled with anger.

Elaine rolled her eyes, “Got it! Next time I’ll wear pants!”

“No pants!”

“Why not?”

“Not convenient!”

Huh? Inconvenient? Why is it inconvenient? Isn’t it more convenient to wear pants?

“Also, wait until my friend is gone before you come out, he is more of a pervert than me, no matter how ugly, young, or old, he will take it as long as he is hungry. If you don’t want to be swallowed by him, then obediently listen to me.”

Elaine pouted and sighed with regret, “It’s true that birds of feather flocks together.”

Emmett started at Elaine as if they had enmity before he stepped out. Elaine quickly ran to the washroom inside and exhaled towards the mirror.

“Oh God, so close, so close! I cannot massage this bad guy’s leg in the future… He’s sexually frustrated from time to time. Beast! Scum! Jerk! Stud!” After scolding once, Elaine’s tension eased. She started washing her face and tidied her hair.