Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 22: This Girl Has a Promising Future

The phone rang, and Elaine took it out, it was Hazel, she was happy right away.

“Hi, Hazel.”

“Elaine, what are you doing?”

“Working, I’m at work.” Of course, she can’t say that she was bored to the point her head was about to grow mold.

“Omg! You really went to Tianyi Group to work! With your course, what can you do at the company? Are Emmett Smith’s eyes blind this whole time?”

Elaine gritted her teeth, “HAZEL WILLIAMS! I won’t accompany you this weekend to take photos! You dare to give me a blow!”

“Hahaha, just kidding. Oh right, Elaine, how was working at Y nightclub last night?”

“You make it sound like I’m a hostess, so repulsive to hear.” Elaine was talking happily on the phone; she leaned back with one leg over the chair’s arm. Her comfortable position was as if she’s at home surfing the net.

“Oh, then not ‘working’, what did you ‘do’ at Y nightclub?”

“You’re really a rotten woman, ‘work’ is not any better than ‘do’!”

“My dear lady, don’t be too difficult, so how was it?”

“Still alright, last night earned…” Elaine looked around, mainly afraid that bad-bear Smith will hear it, covered the phone, and snickered, saying, “More than a thousand dollars!”

“Woah! So much! Then it’s not that bad, are you going to continue?”

“Continue, anyway, it’s not that tiring, just that I’ll reach home later, and afraid that my dad will ask me about it someday. If he asks, I wouldn’t know what to say.”

“You can say you went to my place for revision.”

“Get lost! The exams are already over, what is there to revise; only an idiot will be revising!”