Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 20: Something Hot

“Shut up! Don’t say anymore!”

“Haha, ok, won’t say it anymore. Continuing from earlier, life is all about having a preference and enjoyment. Everything shouldn’t have any vagueness, just like your cup size, as long as something is wrong, it is uncomfortable. That’s why it’s the same for the coffee. Assistant Jones, go, and remake the cup of coffee.”

Elaine sulked and left with the cup. Villain! How many times has she walked out? Damn, how pitiful was she, why did she met such a perverted boss! Just one cup of coffee, and it’s more troublesome than taking a rocket to the sky! Troublesome!

“Young lady, why are you coming over and making coffee over and over again? President Smith didn’t have breakfast yet? Just coffee alone isn’t good, drinking coffee on an empty stomach is bad for the body.” The mature lady from the secretarial room held her teacup and looked at Elaine, who was taking water.

“Don’t mention it! I’m really unlucky! President Smith is so particular about a cup of coffee! It was too hot, then there was no sugar… Definitely an unreasonable person!” Even more troublesome than her sister! Elaine bulged her cheeks, eyebrows drooping, a face that spelled ‘unlucky.’

“Really?” The female secretary showed her smile and looked at Elaine carefully. Indeed, she was very ordinary, extremely simple. Her face doesn’t have any makeup, hair a little messy, and dressed simply. She couldn’t understand why did President Smith asked her to be the temporary assistant.

Actually, President Smith had sufficient assistants. For every aspect, he already had a dozen secretaries allocated for it. Why does he need another extra assistant? Seeing this little girl’s look and simplicity, it shouldn’t be that she’s here for President Smith’s unspoken rules.

“Actually, President Smith isn’t hard to serve, maybe you’ve offended him. Young lady, working with the boss, you have to be careful with what you say and do.”

“Careful with what you say and do?”Elaine Jones’s eyes widened. Doesn’t that mean to talk less! Yes, the more you say, the more mistakes you make, the less you say, the fewer mistakes made, and if you don’t say anything, it won’t be wrong!

“Auntie, thank you! Your words reminded me, no one has told me how to get along with the boss yet! Thank you!” Elaine smiled sincerely towards the female secretary.

Unexpectedly, the female secretary’s face fell, flicking her hair, and said dissatisfiedly, “Am I that old? You actually called me auntie? I am only older than you the most a few years? Did you do it on purpose? Trying to anger me? Ouch~ call me older sister will do right.”

Elaine’s face deflated and had a cold sweat. Older sister? Really older by a few years? Why does she have eye wrinkles even when she’s not smiling, and when she is, her lines can also catch a fly!

“Sis… Sister… my eyes are blind, hope you don’t mind.” Elaine was sickened by her own words, so much that she had goosebumps.

“Little girl, remember to call me Miss Sophia in the future, if you were to call wrongly, you’d be punished to treat.”

“I know, I know, Miss Sophia.” Elaine finally managed to send away this ‘deity.’