Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 19: Is it Uncomfortable

It couldn’t be… that he wanted to drink her blood? This expression was so scary. Whoever married this stingy Emmett, is really giving up and abusing themselves! To be stared at by such murderous eyes every day, wouldn’t they be iced into cubes? Marrying such a person, that’s asking for early death.

“Do you need me to send you a clock?” He repeated his earlier words.

“Huh? Clock? Why send me?”

“Your clock must be spoilt right. If not, why would you only reach the office at 10 o’clock! Say!”

The last word ‘say’ was simply thunderous, Elaine shivered out of thin air.

Elaine shivered her arms and said trembling, “The clock didn’t spoil, they are all good, it’s me… I overslept…”

Emmett sat up straight, took his legs down, and looked at the girl in disbelief, “Don’t you know how to set the alarm?”

“I did, and even set two… It’s just that… It didn’t manage to wake me up.”

“Even an alarm can’t wake you up, are you a pig! Late on your first day of work, and even late for an hour and a half! Your one day salary is 70 dollars, your one day work hour is eight hours, you can calculate how much should be deducted?”

Elaine blanked out, raised her head, and looked at the ceiling, her lips were wriggled and muttering. After a minute of wriggling, she shook her head and stretched out her palms towards Emmett, “Do you have a calculator? It’s troublesome to do a mental calculation.”

Emmett bit his lower lips and was utterly speechless. Gritting his teeth, “Based on your current level, you won’t be able to get in a university.”

Elaine lifted her chin, said proudly, “I’m in liberal arts! And I have extra credits! Who says I can’t pass! Humph!”

Emmett’s complexion only just got better than before. His tone became gentler, “What did you do last night?”

Elaine had a goosebump, blinking her eyes, “Didn’t do anything, I was at home.”