Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 18: Late for the First Day of Work

Lucas did not want to care about Oliver’s infatuation, he just took his coat and walked out, “Hey, you don’t want to go? Do you intend to hug and sleep on the sofa here tonight? I’ll leave first.”

“Hey, hey! Dude! Wait for me!” Oliver was startled, jumped, and hurriedly chased after Lucas.

While walking beside Lucas, Oliver was still nagging about how the girl he liked was so interesting and naïve that her eyes were so bright and beautiful her lips were… Lucas's head was about to explode from listening to it.

Walking out from the nightclub, Lucas finally couldn’t hold back, breathing in the night wind, and said, “I bet you won’t be able to chase her!”

“What? What did you say?” Oliver widened his eyes, his hair and clothes were fluttering in the night wind. The diamond buttons on his shirt sparkled.

“I said, I’m betting that you won’t be able to get this girl.”

“You’ve seen her?”

“No. I’m not interested in seeing this kind of small dish.”

“Then what makes you think that I won’t be able to get her? Don’t go first, if you don’t answer me, I’ll be troubled by it.” Oliver grabbed Lucas’s clothes, not letting go.

Lucas grinned, “Why? It’s just sixth sense, I guess. You hurt so many women, I feel that it’s time for a woman to handle you.”

“So it was based on wild guesses.” Only then was Oliver relieved, he laughed with self-confidence, “Let me tell you Lucas, this time you can wait for a good show! This woman, I’m determined to get her! Since when had I, Master Young, failed to return with fruitful results? Do you dare to place a bet with me?”

Lucas sneered, “Bet on what, there is something worth betting on?”

“Bet if I manage to chase her, you dare?” Oliver’s stared at Lucas with sparkling eyes.

Lucas was exhausted, he yawned and said casually, “Okay okay, let’s bet then. What do you want to bet on?”