Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 13: It Has Been Long Enough

The girl was terrified and was flushed red, as she tried to break free, Oliver hugged tighter.

Lucas also chose a girl, and as she glanced at Lucas, then at Oliver’s side, she was so startled that she started crying.

Lucas said embarrassedly to Jasper, who was beside him, “is it because I look too unsightly that the girl cried of fright?”

Jasper snorted, deliberately looked at the pant’s zipper on Lucas, “You didn’t expose your weapon, why will it scare the girl?”

Lucas shook his head, bitterly, “Old already.”

The door was blocked, it was impossible for the girls who wanted to go out. The rich masters in the room had already chosen their prey. Through coaxing or scaring, those that wanted to enjoy was already enjoying it.

“Emmett, you really don’t want one? Rest assured, the people provided by your brother are all guaranteed clean! I’ll use my head as a guarantee, definitely cleaner than white paper! Choose one too? Huh?” Fifth Brother tried persuading Emmett again.

Pinching his temples, Emmett smiled elegantly, “Brother, maybe I’ve been too tired recently. I’ve just returned, and there are a lot of things to deal with and a headache. Not today, I’ll make a move first. I’ll ask you out for drinks another day.”

“You’re leaving so early?” Fifth Brother rounded his eyes in disbelief.

Emmett had already stood up and patted Lucas’s shoulder, “have a good time, I’ll head back first.”

Lucas waved at him and said sarcastically, “Yo, why did the beast that didn’t even stop overseas change his character after returning? Could it be because of some ‘first’ woman, and became discipline?”

Emmett chuckled lightly, “This kid spouting rubbish! Bye!”

Jasper stood up immediately and said, “Wait a minute! I will go too!”

Fifth Brother frowned, “Jasper, this won’t do. Emmett has a headache, do you also have a headache? You’re not giving me any face?”

Jasper looked at Fifth Brother in a dilemma, then looked at Emmett, crying for help.

Emmett finally helped him out, “I left a lot of work for Jasper today, don’t think he has finished it yet. Let him go back and work overtime.”

Fifth Brother sighed, “Oh, working with Emmett, must be a torture.”