Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 11: Three Men were Dumbfounded

Lucas was also shocked by the words and subconsciously protected his bottom using his hands.

Jasper spewed out a sip of wine, and he looked embarrassed. “Hey, what nonsense are you guys thinking about... I was just about to enjoy this wine...”

“What I mentioned about changing taste is not as extreme and dirty as you’re thinking…”

Oliver and Lucas both patted their chests and breathed a sigh of relief, “It’s good that it’s not, it’s good...”

Oliver shook his head, “Our brother has been the mightiest among the pile of women for so long, I have never thought that he would be with a man, it would be too scary.”

Lucas said, “The main thing is with Emmett’s kind of evilness, and if you were to do ‘it’ with him, you don’t know if he is to start the first move or I am supposed to initiate.”

Jasper had a cramped face and slapped the table, “Hey, hello! You two! Don’t disgust me purposely, please?”

Jasper was the most repulsive of homosexuals. If he were to see two males being intimate overseas, he would be spitting on them.

Oliver and Lucas both laughed insidiously, teasing Jasper. After teasing enough, they looked at Jasper with interest, digging for information, “Say, how did our Master Smith change his taste?”

“He...he has been following a high school graduate these days...”

This time, Oliver and Lucas had just drunk the wine in their mouths, and they all spewed it out together.

“High school graduate?” The tone was unconsciously raised, and the eyes are more prominent.

“Are you mistaken? High school graduate? This, isn’t this too ridiculous?”

Jasper raised his eyebrows, “I don’t know, not sure why Emmett suddenly paid attention to this little girl. However, to be honest, that girl looks pretty and is quite adorable.”

Oliver and Lucas narrowed their eyes and stared at Jasper, warning him, “Hey, Jasper, not to scare you, and this is for your own good. But you must not snatch women with Emmett, you know the temper of that guy, it’s equivalent to death without a burial place if you were to snatch a woman from him. Do you still remember? The nickname we gave Emmett, what was it again?”