Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 10: Slept Before

Elaine shouted with confidence. Her voice caught the attention of a group of guests, Hazel quickly blocked her face with her bag.

After a while, Hazel said, “It’s normal for elite men like Emmett Smith to find women to play with, don’t be too repulsive about it. Aren’t college students coming out in groups? You accompany him to sleep for about a year, and by then, he would be tired of you, and wouldn’t you have paid off the 10 million? Besides that, you won’t make a loss accompanying him. He’s so handsome, you just need to persuade yourself, and treat it as if you’re the client instead. Be open-minded!”

Elaine’s small face struggled for a long time, before blushing out a few words, “I, I was actually terrified, that night I drank too much... In fact, I have no impression at all... When he kissed me, I almost died, how would I think about other restricted things?”

“Oh! Did he kiss you? Did he really kiss you?” Hazel was excited again.

Elaine’s face was dumbfounded, “Well, yeah, we kissed, we even slept before, what’s a kiss?”

Wow, wow, Hazel turned the magazine agitatedly, finally turned to a particular page, and read: “According to the rumors, Emmett Smith hates kissing women the most. None of the women he dated had been kissed by him before. This should be a sexual habit of his.”

After finished reading, Hazel stared at Elaine with round eyes, Elaine stared back at her best friend, “What, what’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong! Emmett would never kiss any woman. It is rumored that he rejected kissing, why did he want to kiss you?” Elaine was even more oblivious, “That, I don’t know? It seems that you should ask him instead. I’m not a roundworm in his stomach.”

Hazel’s eyes lit like a thief, “Wouldn’t it be... he likes you?”

“What? What are you kidding?”

“Hahaha...” Hazel also laughed wildly, “I also think that this is the most ridiculous joke! Emmett Smith, the godlike man, how would he like a high schooler, and the most you are average looking, where are your advantages?”

Elaine’s face was black, “Hey, please, you are the friend of whose? I suspect you’ve received red packets from Emmett that evil person, only complimenting him and criticizing me”

Hazel whispered, “Just telling the truth...”

“Truth your head!” Elaine raised her chin, and her face was stinky. “After all, I’m also a young and beautiful girl born in the 90s! After all, I’m going to be a fresh batch of students about to enter a university! After all, I’m also a youthful and ambitious teenager… He? What about him? He is like an old oil in the workforce, so old that he is bubbling! He is so old, definitely the level of an uncle, ok! An old cow eating tender grass, not bashful at all!”