Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 9: A Benevolent Man Cannot Be Rich!

“What!” Elaine’s eyes widened. He is speaking mandarin, but why she just can’t understand? A human can also be his little toy?

“What little toy?”

“Well, that is… the same purpose as a mistress, sleep with me.”

“Ah!” Elaine was startled by the word ‘mistress’. But she analyzed the situation quickly, “President Smith, did you figure it out at all? I slept with you once, and I was extorted 10 million by you if I sleep with you again, wouldn’t I owe you more and more money?”

“Hahaha...” Emmett laughed, clasped his hands on her head, stroking her hair, just like stroking a kitten, “You’re not that stupid, but you have changed the position. Originally, you slept with me, so you should pay. And next, it is changed to me sleeping with you, so of course, you can get a commission.”

You and me… still got Elaine all confused.

Emmett continued to preach, “Seeing that you’re so broke, and with not much intelligence, and don’t have the skills to make money, I’ll be sympathetic once. Seriously, you don’t have the right to sleep with me just looking at you, but… seeing that it was your first night, I’ll let you take advantage of it. This is the first time I’m making a loss-making deal, so listen carefully, kissing you once, I’ll give you a thousand dollar. Sleep with you once, it will be 10 thousand dollars. What do you think, I think very highly of you, right?

Elaine’s little brow locked, and after a while, she finally growled, “Based on what! When I sleep with you once, you want 10 million, you sleep me with me is only 10 thousand? Both are sleeping, and it’s also the both of us, based on what there’s such a difference?”

“Hahaha...” Emmett really couldn’t hold it in this time, and if he doesn’t laugh out, he will have serious internal injuries. He absolutely lost it when she said, “both are sleeping, and it’s also the both of us.”

He laughed exceptionally arrogantly. After laughing enough, he kept a straight face, looking handsome yet terrifyingly dangerous, and stared at Elaine, saying word by word, “Because I am Emmett Smith, because you are Elaine, just like that!”

“I’m not convinced!”

“Ok, not convinced, find a judge. Let’s have a lawsuit on this small issue? It’s not that I’m reminding you, but I can find the classmates you were drinking with that night, proving that you were the one who first clung to me. I can also find relevant witnesses, proving that you took the initiative to remove my clothes and climb on my waist, that you...”

“Stop, stop! Stop talking!” The more Elaine listened, the more she blushed. What is this, as if she was an unsatisfied and lustful woman.

“And, presumably, your reputation will be known because of this lawsuit, not to mention that you dare start a war with the director of Tianyi Group, just the fact that you had a one-night stand as a high schooler, it’s enough to make you famous. I promise, with this, you’ll be even more prominent than a celebrity! Want to try it?”