Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 8: Be My Little Toy

Headache, can she just put him this handsome man in her eyes a little?

“Are you all right?”

“It’s ok, it’s ok, I overate in the morning, and after the little fright by you, everything almost came out. It’s better now that I’ve used water to flush it down.” Elaine was very honest, waving her hands and rolled her eyes.

Emmett’s face couldn’t help but sink again, and he couldn’t help but think back of the scenery when she was squashed against the table… Sigh, that’s why when an opportunity was lost, it won’t be back again… He should have kissed her violently just now…

“Elaine, I think that you who had 12 years of education should have understood what I just said, right?” Emmett slowly got up from the chair, with a leisurely pace, inching towards Elaine. He was very elegant and dignified, the way and expression he has while walking towards her was just like a king on a stroll, but! The aura that was given to her, was just like he was about to swallow her alive, Elaine was so scared that she wanted to rush out a few times and then play invisible.

“Un...Understand…” Elaine nodded her head, blurry.

The 1.8m build of Emmett’s was already in front of her. Elaine’s chin had several drops of crystal-like water hanging, her hands still held onto the glass, looking at him with widened eyes. He was too tall, and when he was inches away from her, she had to raise her head up. Pity! Why does he have to grow so tall? Isn’t it troublesome?

The few drops of water hanging on her chin seemed ticklish, tickling Emmett’s heart so much that his breathing became messy and rough. With a hand squeezing her jaw, face pressed down, lips almost touching, “Then, tell me, what did you understand.”

Pounding... Elaine felt like she was going to die at this moment. It’s scary.Why this President Smith is not very old and looks like a painting, but why is he so scary when approaching people? It seems like he is about to eat people!

“Un...understood... that your one night as a gigolo is 10 million...”

Emmett took a breath, and his voice went down, “Remove the word “gigolo!”

“Oh, oh... your price for one night is ten million...”

“So, when will you pay?”

“I... I can’t afford it...”

Emmett finally smiled, his red lips spread, “Of course you can’t afford it. Say, how can you repay my 10 million?”

Both their lips were so close, and the hot air of breath from him is scattered across Elaine’s face, and her eyes could hardly be opened.

“Well, President Smith, can you give me a discount?”