Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 7: 10 Million a Night

“Ah!” Elaine’s face was flat and shocked. The situation... was like this?

“It, it was me who beg you to…sleep with me?” Would I be so daring? Would I be so indecent? Will I? Will I? The answer is: extremely likely! A drunk Elaine, a deeply intoxicated Elaine, probably have nothing she dared not do! Ahh…

Emmett sneered sarcastically, “You suddenly grabbed my clothes that night, looked up with that silly face, grinned at me with big white teeth, and told me three words.”

“Which three words?”

“Sleep with me!”

“Hiccup!” Elaine was hiccupped by her words, covering her mouth and turning her big eyes. You are so embarrassing, too embarrassing!

“Then, shouldn’t you refuse me, wouldn’t you push me away? I was drunk that night, are you also drunk?”

Emmett rolled his eyes, “I refused. I also pushed you away, but you are like sticky glue, can’t shake off, and the craziest thing is that you are like a repeater, constantly repeating those three words: sleep me, sleep me, sleep me... I was going to be crazy because of you!”


Elaine’s eyes widened and shocked. Oh my god, she was frightened by her own behavior! She would... so... mischievous? That night she acted so toughly! She was starting to have the bravery to respect herself… She could imagine how she became obsessed with Emmett and became clingy.


Elaine’s shoes rubbed the ground, a look of reflecting on herself. Emmett coughed, “So, do you understand now?”

“Well, understood.”

“What do you understand, tell me.”

Elaine pouted, “That night, I was the one that did not let you go and let you sleep with me…”