Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 6: Taking One’s Underserved Gain for Granted

A face as small as a hand, eyes as dark as the galaxy and twinkled like the stars, looking at you, you will feel numb. Straight nose bridge, so haughty looking, and under that bridge nose was that thin pair of lips looking sexy.

So gorgeous! Absolutely dazzling! Even more handsome than her recent favorite Korean star Lee MinHo!

Elaine raised her chin with her eyes dilated, looked at the beautiful man dumbly for a whole minute before remembering to greet, “Hi.”

The man was very proud, and with a slight frown, he hummed from his nose, “hum.”

Well, it’s understandable that handsome men are a little temperamental.

Elaine suddenly realized that she was quite lucky that she could meet such a handsome guy on her first day.

“My name is Elaine, and he is the temporary assistant of old man Smith. By the way, have you seen the old man Smith? Ah, that old man Smith is our President Smith.” Elaine was like a little mouse with her head turning around, looking around, “Did you see him in the room?”

The beautiful man twitched his lips and squinted, “What are you looking at under the table? Can President Smith still get under the table?”

“Haha, I’m just looking everywhere, nice to know you, I’m Elaine…”

Elaine leaned closer to the beautiful man and blinked, “Hey, let’s talk a little while Old Man Smith is not back yet. What is your name?”

The handsome man took two strides and sat on the leather sofa with his arms folded and said coldly, “Emmett.”

“Oh, Emmett, good name, good name... Emmett what? Emmett…Smith?” Elaine deflated her face, “How come it sounds so familiar?”

At this time, the door opened, and Vice-President Hall walked and took a document to Emmett, saying, “Mr. Smith, please see the changes. Is this clause written appropriately? “

Elaine’s eyes grew wider and wider! Looking at Jasper, and then look at this beautiful man sitting calmly... What did Vice President Hall call this handsome man? ...Smith, President Smith?